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04-14-2011, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by coo1beans View Post
You can't honestly believe that. I don't have homer goggles on at all, I am a canucks fan and in no way shape or form was michalek reckless with his stick. He turned and the stick turned with him, he kept it low and if MSL was not in such an awkward position, it taps him on the shin and none of us even remember this miniscule moment in time. It was incidentally accidental.
thank you

nice to hear an unbiased opinion on it.
the pens have seen this same type of call go against them.

it was just unfortunate that MSL face was down that low. as for the ones calling for a 5 minute slash penalty...if he's upright and ZM stick hits his leg...would you call that a 5 minute slash??..dont think so

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