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04-14-2011, 12:38 PM
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I always think NYC, Michigan, Ohio, places like that when thinking Simon & Garfunkel. Great artists, great titles, but can ye' nay' be coming up with things that are topical to Arizona & the Southwest?. Never mind that your scaring off the yoots' with Paleolithic PopCulture References. We needs da yoot's to grow la familia here at hf or the site dies.... New markets. C'mon. Get with program Mods & Administrators. Its not 1969 anymore when everything & anything in your life was possible... I just thought Id share that rather depressing thought with ya'll. So...

Business board is overpopulated with us geezers. We need to teach the next generation what great music was all about.....Time is awasting.

Make sure you turn up the sound. Or some Sennheiser headsets will do.