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04-14-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Stick and puck is practice for both parties. Hard shots, dekes, top shelf- if you as a goalie are not okay with that, you should not be there. Shooters need practice too, and those events are exactly where that kind of thing is supposed to happen.
Originally Posted by Gibson19 View Post
I'll clarify that this is when the goalie just gets on the ice. I'll start getting zesty when the goalie is ready. The goalies the last guy you want to **** off on the ice.
^^^ What he said

I'm fine with hard shots. In fact I want to face them. And in pre-game warmups, I want to face a few breakaway deke moves.........once I'm warm, that is.

We're not video game characters who are just ready to go the moment you press 'Start.' We need a little time after sitting in the locker room dressing to get the reflexes going, the muscles loose, adjusted to the speed of the puck and the flow of the action, etc.

You skaters like a little warmup, too, right? You like to skate around the rink once or twice to get the blood flowing. You like to skate a lap or two around the zone with the puck to work on your stickhandling. Maybe get a teammate or a buddy to pass back and forth with. Well, so do we.

You probably wouldn't like it much if someone chose your warmup skate lap to work on their body checking technique. Or if someone used your stickhandling lap to play defense and strip you of the puck. Or tried to pick off a pass between you and your teammate. Or lifted your stick while you're trying to work on slapshots with the empty net. Or fired pucks at you while you're laying on the ice trying to stretch out your leg muscles. Amazingly, we goalies don't like those things either.

If the first shot I face when I just stepped on the ice and am trying to warm up is a slap shot at my head from 30 feet......that's the last shot you're taking on me. Later on, as we build up to it and can deal with it, that's fine. Even preferred sometimes. But not first thing.

Most beer league players can't afford ice time for full practices to work on things, and many of us don't or can't get to pickups as often as we'd like. So the 5 minutes before each game IS the full extent of our weekly practice. If I just bought a new glove, I'm trying to break it in, and I am wanting shots that I can work on my beer league teammate, it is in YOUR interest to shoot catchable shots at my glove. Yeah, it's your warmup, too. But if I start the game with no confidence in my glove because you wanted to work on your spin-o-rama, between the legs shot that you're never going to actually use in a game, don't be surprised when we lose 8-5.

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