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04-14-2011, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Nilan View Post
Marinaro sounds like a moron. Argued like a child, embarassed to be associated with him as a Montrealer.
Wow, you picked Tony as the moron in that radio bit? Okay...I'd be more embarrassed being a Bostonian if that's the best they can send to talk hockey. Argued like a child? He had to keep talking because the other guys kept over talking him. You do that when you have nothing to say!

I know they're football guys but that just verifies that the fans don't care or know anything about hockey. How can they? This is the drivel they listen to every day.

The best part was when Tony picked the Bruins to win. The other guys didn't know what to say. When Tony agreed the cops never should have gotten involved they also shut up. He owned them completely and toyed with them. How was he childish?

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