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10-14-2003, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
cc... I'm not a Sopel basher... furthest thing from it... I've been a huge supporter of his throughout last season, and am still hopeful he remains a Canuck.

But I am losing more patience with him... I can't forever let his mistakes pass without criticism... the reason why I'm picking on him now is because of where the team is.

last season, ask anyone here how I felt about Sopel... I defended him in every post... but now the team is ready for a serious run, and we can't be having players that make those kinds of mistakes on our top defensive unit... Sopel has been making huge mistakes!

I had hoped to see a more stable Sopel this season, but so far he hasn't shown that he's put his brain freezes behind him yet... if this was last year or the year before, I could live with it, having more patience since the team overall required it...

now the team is ready, but Sopel isn't... it's in our best interest IMO that we are ready by this playoffs for a serious run, and having an error prone top pairing guy isn't going to help us in the least.

The other reason why my patience is running out on him is because we don't need his offensive contributions on defense as much as we needed it before... we should have more scoring depth up front, and Ohlund is really looking like he's going to have a career offensive season, possibly Salo as well.

as for the Salo/Sopel with Ohlund comments... the reason why Salo isn't playing with Ohlund isn't because he's not good with him... I think it's because Sopel isn't good with anyone else (as tant mentioned)... that's why that pairing is still intact...

I really do believe that Sopel can pull us down this season... but I haven't completely run out of patience yet... I am willing to see how he develops this season, but by the deadline if he hasn't developed more stability in his game, I'm joining the line (and the ever growing one) of fans who want to see him gone.... I still hope it doesn't come to that, but both my patience and my faith in him are decreasing.

I'm not suggesting that you are a Sopel basher at all, but I do feel that some of the fans look at him with more of a microscope than he deserves and that it's infectious to some degree... even to Sopel supporters. My position is that if he can help prevent more goals than he allows when he's on the ice, he's in a pretty good spot and we should just wait much longer than 3 games before we express our concern for his play.

Up to now, the one game that the Canucks lost, he was not responsible for the loss.

If you are going to blame him for his offensive style though, you may as well blame Crow for making him that way. Remember, he used to be just a guy with the golden stick... now he seems to be leading rushes and jumping into play at all opportunities.

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