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08-08-2005, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MrKen48
So, are you trying to say that LaBarbera at age 25 (the same as Hauser) and with 4 NHL games, totaling 208 minutes of play and a record of 1 - 2 , under his belt is hands down the more qualified goaltender to fill the #2 roll in LA?
No, and I'm not trying to say that 25 is some magical age (or even 22 or 29). There is no "cutoff". But KB is making it sound like Hauser is a golden child who the Kings are being outright cruel to. As if he's clearly on track to one day stepping in as an NHL goalie and the Kings are just ruining him. I don't see that and it's clear that the Kings don't since they signed LaBarbera and have already annointed him the #2 in LA. If that's not a CLEAR message to Hauser and the people who love him, I don't know what is. If they thought as much of Hauser as they do of LaBarbera then they wouldn't have sign LaBarbera for one thing...but they also wouldn't have ALREADY announced that LaBarbera is the #2 in LA and Hauser is #1 in Manchester. It's a done deal. I don't have NEARLY enough knowledge about either one of those guys to have a valid opinion about which one is really better. But I will say this: I think that the Kings have demonstrated over the last 3-4 yrs that they are good at picking and developing prospects.

It's certainly not Hauser's fault he hasn't been called to the show yet. It's the fault of the system. LA brings in Milan Hnilicka at 1+ million $ to be the # 1 in Manchester and when he get called up to fill in they get Mathieu Chouinard for Manchester. IMO Hauser as a rookie was better that either of those two.
What's it gotta be about "fault" for? I heard this same crap about Storr, Berthiaume and others and it was just a bunch of crap. All this seems to me like alot of sentimentality about a really good guy who's a pretty good AHL goalie who might some day possibly play in the NHL.

You know, maybe if Hauser was giver a fair shot at the #2 slot by having a head-to-head training camp with LaBarbera then this wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.
Sure, why not just undo that Garon trade and make the #1 job in LA his to lose?

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