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10-14-2003, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Orange
He's played 2 NHL games and people have him as first line material and winning trophies. I Luv the kid already, but let's have a realistic look at Ryder.

In my mind Ryder's upside is a very good third liner with an outside shot at being a good (but not excellent) 2nd line RW. In a perfect world, I consider Zednik to be a 2nd line RW, who here thinks Ryder as more upside than Zednik ? I sure as hell don't. And if you don't as well, why pin Ryder first line material (or even second line material) ?

Now if you consider that every rookie as a chance at the clader, then yes Ryder does have a chance to win it. But in the real world things are not so simple. At best, I think Ryder as a marginal chance at winning the calder. To tell you the truth, just making it to the ballot would be a MAJOR accomplishment and I'm not even expecting that much. Hainsey got a much better chance to make the ballot (but still very slim).

A lot of people are counting their chicken before they've hatched over here.

I don't see Ryder becoming more than what McPhee, Keane or Skrudland were for us in the past. A good role player that is gonna see 1st line duty given circumstances rather than pure talent. These guys didn't win the Calder ...
Well Mr. Orange man, while I respect your opinion let's just say that you are not even in the ball park with these comments...It's very obvious to anyone who has seen Ryder play that you know nothing about the guy!!

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