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10-14-2003, 12:25 PM
Medicine Twin
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Just get rid of the pre-game and during-game threads!!!
All we need is the post-game.

Why not...
... pregame? Serves no purpose. We don't need to hear predictions, none of us are psychic and none of us consistantly make good ones... they mean nothing. We're Habs fans... 95% of the predictions have the Habs winning every game anyways and the "flavor of the month" player scoring 1-5 goals. I also don't need to be told by Habs fans that they are excited about the upcoming game... stating the obvious. Besides, there are already lots of pre-game threads... they're pretty much all the threads that are started after one game ends and before the other begins.

... during-game? Serves no purpose. If you can get this far on the internet, you can just as easily go to,, etc. for regular updates. Or listen to online radio broadcasts of the game. Or just turn on the TV and watch the game. I don't know about you guys but, during the game, I'm not on HFboards... I prefer to be watching the game.

The only valuable discussion is post-game. Where we talk about who played well, who didn't, which players performed well together, what the Habs need to focus on next game.

STICKY the "Spotlight On" threads...

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