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04-14-2011, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie72 View Post
PB- how's the recovery going?

...wonder how HJ made out
I'm going to the game Monday. The first two are in Pittsburgh, but yeah, i'll definitely let you all know...

Originally Posted by Panthers 20 View Post
Tampa does have a nice arena. It's definitely apart of their great fan experience.

I've also been to Atlanta. It's obviously a different breed with its layout, but I thought it was interesting. Kinda cool that you can see CNN while you're there, I suppose.

I've been to Toronto and LA for drafts. Both seemed groovy, too. But you definitely got the sense in LA that the Kings weren't the first priority. All of the shops had more Lakers gear than anything. And confetti was still occasionally falling from the NBA championship, haha.
Disagree on the bolded part. I think the concourse is pretty terrible, food is pretty bad, and the seats aren't the most comfortable things in the world. But in terms of in your seat experience, it's absolutely 200% better than the BAC. The arena feels small, and that makes everything much louder and intense, which is great. Oh yeah, and they have a pretty beautiful jumbotron.

Originally Posted by Rattrick View Post
I think Tampa has a good game experience, but I think their arena is very bland.
This ^

Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
tampa is a strange place. some real freaks there. have my share of stories from travels through the area back in the 90s (playing music). i've heard the game experience is good there, though. wouldn't mind going with a gang cats fans who could handle themselves just to open up a can of whoop-ass on anyone who pulled the kinda crap being mentioned here
And this ^

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