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Originally Posted by omgitsbryan View Post
Sorry to bump this thread, but I have a somewhat hilarious/tragic story to share with you about the series of bad decisions that was my backyard rink.

A bit about myself: I'm a 23 year old college student renting out a student house in Toronto (bad decisions start here). I decided, for some reason, to build a backyard rink, despite there being one of Toronto's 52 outdoor rinks a mere ten minute drive from me.

So, I did my research, dreamed and planned it. I knew you couldn't fight both the slope of a backyard and the weather, so I prayed that the weather would suffice to compensate for my apparently not-too-uneven backyard. It was about 50x50, but cut through the incredibly uneven garden bed that I cleared out of shrub and other useless backyard accessories.

I bought my supplies (which was a lot more expensive then the INTERNET leads on) and built the frame, no problem. I was a bit confused as to how to go about the liner, so I took advice from the most credible source in the world: YouTube. I bought a narrow, but long really thin plastic liner and began the sealing process. With duct tape. It failed.

It snowed before I finished it, meaning the duct tape would no longer be adhesive to the plastic. Okay, no problem. I switched my methods to invest in a $100 60x40 polyurethane tarp. Cutting it into a 50x50 tarp, I tried the acoustic sealant method, which looked promising.

By early January, I was ready to flood. The weather was really cooperating, so after unthawing my hose and nozzle (which took two hours), I began flooding.

Yeah, it didn't work. Not only was my slope about 1.5-2 feet towards the far end of the yard, the acoustic sealant didn't even remotely hold. The result was puddles forming in the gaps and then leaking out.

Fast forward to spring, my landlord does an inspection and finds the rink. She is, for some reason, very pissed/upset at the clearly reversible damage that I did. Even after cleaning it up and turning the backyard into better than what it was originally was, she declares that we are all to vacant the house by June 1st.

The ironic thing, was that I put in some serious hours at the local outdoor rink while my terrible heap of plastic, wood, and water laid dead in the backyard.

So, now my great idea has resulted in me being $320 poorer (as a student, that's just bad planning), and homeless.

tl;dr - made a rink, it failed hard. Landlord kicks me out.
thats sucks....but i guess you took 1 extra class this winter (building ice rinks) but just didnt pass.....screw that landlord and next year (or if ever) you have a better idea of what NOT TO DO

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