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04-14-2011, 07:52 PM
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I'm in noobman's camp on this one, I've definitely seen NHL defenders get beaten cause they turned the wrong way. We're talking one on one situations where the forward is beating them wide, so they turn to skate forward, but instead of turning towards the forward so they can properly stay with him and angle him off they turn the opposite direction, which basically gives the forward a breakaway. You don't see it often, but it does happen even for NHL dmen, and it is them turning to their weaker side. I remember seeing this in a game quite recently where the commentator even pointed it out, saying that the defender screwed up by turning away from the forward, to his strong/natural side, instead of turning into the forward as he should have.

Obviously all NHLers are very strong on both sides/all 4 edges, but they'll still have one side that is stronger/more natural. In the spur of the moment, especially if they're somewhat off balanced/out of the comfort zone, you'll see them sometimes fall back on what's most natural and turn to the wrong side.

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