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08-08-2005, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongebob
I think Cammi will be the next St. Louis. I believe Datsyuk has hit his peak. I could be wrong but me speculating he won't be better than a 25 goal scorer going forward is no different than others speculating he will be a consistent 1st line center capable of a point per game.

Do you think Datsyuk will do better than Demitra this year? If the answer is no than why would you give him more money than Demitra? He is not worth what he is asking for!
how many st. louis players do u think are out there? he's really one of a handful in the NHL. just to be a "star" is an elite class, but to be an undersized star is an even greater feat. as for datsyuk, ur right, he may have already hit his peak, but his peak is already 1st line level and i think tha'ts a darn good level at that. cause there are barely a few legitamit 1st liners on each team as it is. i duno, call me a pessimist if u want, but i prefer to be seen as a realist. except for frolov, i don't really kno if we have anyone who has the potential to be a star.

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