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10-14-2003, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by cc
this is where we disagree. I thought he played a strong 3rd game. Did he give the puck away? yeah, but so did every other dman... but Sopel was in position and where he was supposed to be in a lot of instances and he took away far more chances than he allowed. In fact, I don't see where Sopel is so far worse than any other dman on the Canucks right now factoring in giveaways and defensive positioning. I mean, if the team was able to bail out Sopel, how come they couldn't bail out Slegr?
that's faulty reasoning...

it's like saying that if the team bailed out Sopel in games 1 and 2, they should be able to bail him out every game...

Sopel didn't have a bad game 3... the errors I saw were mostly in games 1 and 2, and he did look awful at times in those games.

it's not even so much about positioning... his positioning isn't that bad compared to other dmen... what bothers me is his ability with the puck in 2 of the 3 zones... he's excellent in the offensive zone... rarely we see him give up the puck there, or make a bad play...

but in the neutral zone and the defensive zone, he's making big mistakes still.... it seems that he gets more pressure in those zones, and can't handle it well.

Sopel is key for our team because of offense... if we don't need that from him anymore, he's not contributing to our success... defensively he's an average dman at best, and if he played like that consistently, it wouldn't matter... but for too long now he's been below average defensively, and I had hoped (and still hope) that he overcomes that this season...

we've all seen him play in 2002... if he can play like that he's not a problem... I'm worried because I don't know if he will play like that this season.

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