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08-08-2005, 06:37 PM
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Country: Norway
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Given name: James
Nickname: Jim

Married: 6 years years
Kids: 2; Trey - 5; Hailey - 3

Car: 01 Camry
Fav car ever owned: 91 Miata...hey it was a RELIABLE convertible.

Favorite Movie: Office Space
Favorite Line from that movie: Can you really narrow it down to one? Ok then: "Mmhmm...yeah..."

Ever played Ice hockey: Yes.
First NHL game: Capitals vs Bruins, 1975

I have seen games in the Cap Center, The Fabulous Forum, Staples and The Pond.

Favorite team after the Kings: The Capitals

Samurai movies or Friday the 13th series?- Friday the 13th

Mac or PC?- PC but not for long

High Def or Standard Def TV?- High Def.
Cable or Dish?- Cable, but we'll see.

Love or Money?- Love

One place you would like to see more of.-the inside of Phillip Anschutz' wallet. No? Ok then...Australia.

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