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04-14-2011, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Wow--from the highlights package I'd want to draft him rightawa--BUT --funny thing,
in the 3 pre-tournament games Canada played prior to the World U-18's-he FAILED to score a goal or light it up in points...Yet he looks so gifted and good in those highlights --COULD IT BE that the DUB was just very poor quality this year? So he looks better than he really is..Same for RNH? (But then mr. Pontless in Red Deer has pulled a floppo vs, the HAT --no ponts in 4 GP to date...Yes RedDeer won 1-o last night to stave off elimination --but NUMERO UNO was foiled again --ZERO pts in 4GP !!! OMG!.....then by comparison--you expect a mid-teens ranked MCNeill to dominate against his age peers at the word U-18's--stillcould when Canada starts play for real,BUT it makes one wonder if MAYBE --just maybe the DUB was way "below par" this year and when its "stars" face tougher competition they are not so "special" ? MCNEill still gets to disprove that once Canada plays in the tournament-but off the pre-tourney games he did not prove effective (at least in the scoring dept.) ....THe one differebce thogh is that RNH is not a fighter..MCNEILL can at least do that even if he doesn't score..

You sure love reading your stat sheets and ignore watching the games.
RNH played incredible hockey in games 1-3.....scouts were raving.
I did not see game 4.
Put the stats away, pull up a chair and watch the games.

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