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Originally Posted by cjspencer View Post
alrighty thanks for the advice i figure i'd update you guys

we played our first game last night, i don't know what the score was because they stopped after 7 but i think we had 12 or 13 goals to their 1.

we had 14 skaters they had 8, their team was mostly guys in their late 30's i think. after we got up 5 we stopped cheering and tried to pass more but their goalie was terrible.

i got laid out open ice by some bearded fellow, that was the only hit, he got a penalty. for all this talk about man strength and positioning i didn't see any evidence of that, maybe it was a bad team. the talk after the game was moving us up to A, that game was in the b/c league.

the dudes were real nice though after, took the time to talk to us and gave us the rest of their dirty thirty.
Must be a fairly weak beer league, sounds like you guys are mostly high school or low/mid level rep players, which would be actually be pretty weak for a top 2-3 tier team in the beer league I'm currently playing in (it's a massive league with around 100 teams split into 12 divisions though, even in the mid tiers teams are mostly made of guys who played some form of rep hockey, with the odd ex-junior A/B players mixed in, as well as some weaker players). If you guys continue to dominate over the next game or two, definitely try to move up if possible.

But yeah, as I mentioned earlier the claims of violent retribution and whatnot in this thread are very overstated, beer league is incredibly tame compared to the competitive, full contact minor hockey that you've been playing. And of course a beer league team is never gonna be anywhere remotely close to as well organised in terms of positioning/breakouts/etc. as a coached rep team.

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