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04-15-2011, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by buffalowing88 View Post
Sabres fan coming in peace. I just wanted to let you guys know that the Flyers outplayed the **** out of us tonight and I was really impressed by the way your forwards were able to shutdown our top 6 completely.

That being said, I saw one weakpoint in the team and that is Matt Carle. What is up with that guy? He was highly touted coming out of San Jose and he just looked out of place tonight on a handful of plays.

Also...Carter seems beyond snakebitten. He reminds me of Vanek in that when he's "on" than he's capable of winning games by himself but when he's overthinking it, he just loses his touch.
I'd say Syvret was much more of a weakpoint than Carle...really Carle just needs Pronger back and he'll look fine, but until then he doesn't have someone to cover for him while he tries to make plays on offense. Carle-Syvret was two undersized offensive defensemen playing together. Pronger comes back and that changes...a weak link in the chain is how that 1 goal got in.

As for's tough to tell with him. You never know when he might do something..but I'm starting to doubt that he'll ever be able to elevate his game for the playoffs. He wasn't horrible last night and had some decent deflection chances, but you'd like to see more from a top player.

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