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04-15-2011, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
I tone it down a bit cause of you, lol. I mean, I generally try to respect someone else's home, but when they start chirping and tossing stuff, they can kiss my ass. Most of em seem all talk anyway.
I dont tone it down, ever. I remember I went up to Redneck Times Forum with my mother years ago, when Lecavalier was relatively new to the Lightning, and it was a game where there was like 200+ penalty minutes in the 2nd period alone. I had people there talking so much crap to us. We were losing, and my mom stood and and screamed "I didnt drive 4 hours to see you guys lose," and some hillbilly screams, "shut up you b!@#h and take your drive your ass out of here." So of course I turned around and threw my drink right at the man, and I started to go towards him before people got in the way.

Ive never had a good experience up in Tampa. Ive always been respectful to the visiting fans when they came to the BAC, unless they were being disrespectful to us first, then they would bet all of PB1300

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