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Originally Posted by Scott Hall View Post
But if you're setting guys up (like you say you are), and the whenever you're out there the puck is 90% on your stick the whole time, and you skate through the other team as if they're not there (even if you don't get a point), it can still be considered sandbagging.

I can definitely see it from the other side like this: if there's a player that's not that good, but he's on his first breakaway, no one on your dad's team can catch him, but you catch him in a few strides and strip him of the puck. That would be disheartening to anyone playing in that low of a skill level..
These are great examples. Everyone can see the sandbaggers who scores a lot of goals, but people who do these things ruin the game just as much as the over-scorers.

We have a couple in my ladies' house league. They were told to "tone their game down", and so they do these sorts of things instead of scoring all the time.

Skating through both teams like they are all pylons, then stopping in the corner with the puck, and waiting for your team to catch up so you can send a weak pass into the middle or stepping into the middle and rifling a shot isn't "toning it down" in my opinion. And it's just as annoying, especially for the rookies (double especially for the rookie goalies).

They also think that staying back on D is better - but if they're taking away the one scoring chance a rookie gets all season because they catch them in a couple of strides from the other side of the ice, it's annoying, too.

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