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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16 View Post
He's like my 4 year old niece, she crys and throws a temper tantrum if she doesn't score every shot in WII hockey ! Richie could go balls out 50 mins and he would ***** about the 10 mins he didn't on lack of preparation or that he was out drinking. It is sad how quality people got pissed off and left this once great place while someone continues to troll the **** out of everyone. He claims to be a Flyer lover, yet detests some of the players, how ****ed up is that. I HATE Leino, but my username ain't Leinnyy lover !!
Are you serious? Enough, if you want to go toe to toe for hockey knowledge or experience of being a Flyers fan go for it, I have been around long enough to remember the last Stanley Cup parade and have experienced having the pleasure of watching Game 6 in the Spectrum of the 1987 SCF's. I have seen winners and teams who deserved to be considered winners, such as the Flyers teams under Mike Keenan. This team has yet to show that on a nightly or yearly basis, honest praise and a legacy is not given, it is earned. Until this team shows that type of character I will question the tenured leaders at every moment the question needs to be asked and no one like you is going to be able to change that of this long time Philly Phan.

Being able to voice an honest opinion about a team who some have followed since their inception is about being a fan as much as sitting back and acting like Chip Diller. And yes, if your captain does not give 60 minutes of effort in a playoff game I do question the heart of the warrior.

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