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10-14-2003, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by FacelessButcher
so long as its to make me "feel better"
P.S. I checked your post history and the last 24 of 50 posts were in an Oiler thread or a thread trying to trade Comrie. I don't at all mind your commentary but its quite obvious u take a firmer stand when it comes to Edmonton(not saying u don't argue with other teams just moreso with the Oil faithful). Sorry its a fact I still like u and debating is fun and what the forums r for and whatever u r interested by all means post in it but I guess I just felt the need to point out the obvious. Also plz stop playing the money angle no one really knows what Comrie is asking for but most journalists who have talked to Lowe or Comrie get a general feel of 2million a possibility with heavy bonuses for later years, but his pay for this year is more than likely $2million which is only 300,000 above the league average.
Fair enough on the money angle then. I would also suggest that all the Oiler faithful follow this stance as well and stop arguing how affordable Comrie is going to be, since "no one really knows what Comrie is asking for" (even though it has been suggested in numerous places that Comrie will not sign for a package with less potential than what he made last year).

As for the whole post count issue, sorry but I comment on subject matter that I find interesting. Of late, one of the few subjects that I have found interesting has been the Comrie contract situation. The rest here has been mindless dreck for the most part. It has nothing to do with the Oilers (even though it would make you feel good that someone really gives a **** about the Oilers and all) but with a unique situation where the whole money issue and how player contracts can escalate because of an original bad deal (which Lowe signed him to in this instance). That is a very interesting issue that affects every team in the NHL, especially the small market teams. If you can't handle someone commenting on this subject I recommend that you ignore the thread. If you don't like anyone commenting on the Oilers I recommend you head over to, where anyone other than Oiler fans are put on immediate watch, and banned with incredible regularity (myself not being one of those for the record). BTW... what were those other 26 posts on? I'm mildly curious, but too damn lazy to go take a look.

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