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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16 View Post
So you claim to be around since last cup as I have, and you say winning is a must for Richards and Carter, does that not apply to every team since 75 cause we haven't one since. You are claiming to be superfan, yet you must have hated every single top player or captain since ?? And how the **** do you claim an honest opinion when 95 % of your hate is for 2 guys. Start a thread, say you hate them and want them gone, and move the **** on so we can discuss the Flyers as fans of the team and what they stand for.
If you are not going to hold the guys who are leaders on the ice and in the dressing room accountable then who do you hold accountable? Old Man Snider?

And just an FYI, Mike RIchards is not Mel Bridgeman, he could be, but he is not. Talk about immature behavior, talk about the Flyers as fans...???? The team and organization stands for the crest on the front and NOT the name on the back. It stands for guys like Paul Holmgren who earned their paycheck every night. It stands for teams who even when they lost held themselves proudly by working hard every night and leading by example. And lastly it stands for character. The character to lead by example on the ice and as leaders be leaders when it counts.

Sorry, you may buy what you are being sold, but I can take an honest analysis of the teams play over the last couple years and see this team progress and regress at certain time. Last season was an accomplishment, but now they have everything they need to win now, it is up to the players to show they care enough to win at any cost. It is about winning the Cup, and if your expectations are anything less I do not know what to tell you.

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