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08-08-2005, 10:25 PM
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after hearing first trotz,then poile, then leopold say they expected arkhipov back...let's make some assupmptions about the opening day roster(just thinking aloud)..

first assume there are no more deals prior to opening day(not that i believe this will happen)..then assume arkhipov actually returns and IF he has a decent camp and makes the squad,then you have 22 roster spaces pretty well spelled out with only one really open for question...

one possibility would be...


scratches)stevenson,allison.....and ?

leaves upshall,smithson or gamache all battling for one roster spot(and that's if we carry 23 opening day which we've only done 1 of the 6 years of the franchise,all other years we opened with 22)

leaves us in a bad position on gamache and smithson as they'd have to clear waivers to be sent down,while upshall wouldn' fact every player on this hypothetical roster would have to clear waivers if sent to milwaukee except for upshall(reduces some of the flexibility we've had in past years with this)

so would trotz go with 22? would he want to keep an extra centerman(smithson),would he want to keep an extra forward with the idea that sullivan could move to center...would he try upshall at center?(i still cann't see gamache playing center in trotz's schemes)..

so it looks like it boils down to these roster questions for me:

1)will smithson beat out nichol?(or if so is nichol kept as the 14th forward?)
2)will arkhipov make the team period?(and if so do we keep both smithson and nichol? almost surely not is my guess)
3)who centers the 2nd line if arkhipov actually has a good camp?(legwand,arkhipov or sullivan?)
4)if arkhiov makes the team.does sullivan still play center and drop arkhipov to the 3rd line,johnson to the 4th and push both smithson and nichol off the roster?
5)who will eaton be paired with? zidlicky or hamhuis?
6)will trotz carry 22 or 23 to start the season?
7)will it be upshall or gamache who makes this squad if he carries 23?
8)will legwand center walker and kariya..or will sullivan center them
9)if sullivan is moved to the second line will hartnell move there to give that line grit and erat moved to pair with hall?
10)if sully centers kariya and walker and legwand joins erat on the 2nd line will hartnell be moved to their line for some grit?(this i would really like to see at some point tried,a erat/legwand/hartnell line)
11) if sullivan is tried at center will upshall or gamache win this one left wing spot alongside hall and arkhipov?

of course,i still fully expect poile to come up with another centerman in the next 58 days and make these questions all change before then

but man,this is gonna be fun

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