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The extent of your knowledge is unknown to me, I would assume based on your comments in this post and others before that you most likely have a buddy who plays for the sens, or you are a buddy of a buddy, whatever the case. But I was curious about this situation so I called a couple people to get the whole story or at least their knowledge of it, but it's first hand knowledge from guys who are close to the team, that's all i'll say.
To summarize my converastion these people said the following.
- It's never fun to see someone you know fired.
- It's a business and people come and go all the time.
- We've seen players leave this season that we were close to but certainly aren't upset at the owners or management for that.
- The fired guys were great guys who seemed to work hard for the players.
- They don't get caught up in that side of the business.

My point from all of this is you say you have all this knowledge of the situation but throw out blanket statements like "The firings caught the players off guard and they are far from pleased". Maybe you talked to a player, maybe you didn't but to suggest that all the players are upset is just an opinion you formed. That certainly isn't the case with all the players that's for sure.
Bottom line moves were made, players don't worry about that side of the business, and they certainly aren't all caught off guard.
Yes they do, and yes they were caught off guard. Last I will add to the thread.

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