Thread: Kings News: Stoll Suspended 1 Game
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04-15-2011, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
I'm not making excuses for it. Demers went after Smyth's head. Stoll went after White's head, but did it from behind. To me, that makes Stoll's worse. If Stoll gets 1 game, Demers should get nothing. If Stoll got 2, I would have been fine with Demer's getting 1.
So Stoll hits a guy a foot from the boards, not even with much force, but just an awkward situation, and that is worse then Demers launching himself in full Superman mode at Smyth's head?

By the way, can you find ANY history of a ht from behind bringing a more severe penalty than a hit from the front? Or are you just pulling your opinions out of your ass?

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
The point is that Smyth could see Demers coming and was at least aware of the hit. White wasn't. Both were deliberate hits to head. But to suggest that what Demers did was in any way equivalent (or even worse as TM did) is just bonkers.
Yeah I'm sure Smyth knew Demers was gonna jump at his head. Give me a break.

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
My point was simply that if Stoll had not gone unpunished it's very likely that Demers never even makes the attempt.
I thought you weren't gonna make excuses.

The fact is that Demers' hit was more violent than Smyth's yet he gets away with it. there is no doubt that he went for Smyth's head, and the league turns a blind eye to that, but suspends L.A.'s de facto #1 center instead.

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