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04-15-2011, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
I think game 1 was a hard fought loss. To me, game 1 and game 2 were very different. To be honest, I would have to say that Washington has something to do with it; after all, there are two teams on the ice.

One thing I find hard to deal with is how things drift in a Game Thread. A GDT should be open to everything about that game. So often with supporters and fans of the Rangers, frustration spills out.
Myself, I like to keep it to the current game, which is what the GDT is for .

That is why, tonight, I felt so comfortable stating that the Rangers were not very good. They were not good TONIGHT. They could be really good back at MSG for Game 3.

It's a Game Day Thread. About the game today, in which the Rangers were not very good.
And, that is the crux of the whole matter. The 8th place team is losing to the 1st place team after two games in the 1st place team's building. This just might have something to do Washington being a better all around team. Name the best offensive players in this series, and Washington has dibs on at least the first three, possibly, considering how off Gaborik's game is. Maybe, we're just witnessing a perennially good young team have learned it's lessons about what it takes to win a Cup. Nah, it's all because the Rangers suck.

And, I disagree about tonight's game. The Rangers played well in the 1st period, but, did not seal the deal on the scoreboard. the Caps responded, and player like an #1 overall team at home should. Laich treats Gilroy like a rag doll, and then McDonagh gets called for a questionable penalty, and the Caps get a fortuitous bounce. It's what it is.

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