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08-08-2005, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RuzickaFan23
I agree with not whining publicly, it's never a classy thing. But when a team like Washington is showing so little desire to improve their roster with the great opportunity they have this year I don't necessarily blame Witt for wanting out.

If he were younger and hadn't played for a good number of years already, fine, tough it out. But Witt's been waiting eight seasons for this team to turn the corner and become a legititmate contender, I personally believe he has the right to at least voice his concerns and request a move should he feel strongly enough.

Just my opinion.
What do you mean, he's been waiting 8 years? He's making a living playing hockey. He's been part of this team and the team did make legitimate efforts to improve at times. It just did not work out with Jagr, Lang, Gonchar and co.

I fail to see why more and more hockey players think they are somewhat owed a free ride to a cup if they can't win it with their current team. If it was up to me, a player who goes publically with that kind of whining would stay on the team forever.

Also worth keeping in mind it doesn't always work out for the best. Ask Paul Kariya who jumped ship from his team because he thought he'd have a better chance in Colorado with his girlfriend.

I've never seen any profession where it's ok to sign a contract and then whine that you want to jump ship one week later. These athletes are spoiled so much people actually think this is normal nowadays but I think it's something we just should not accept.

I hope they send his ass to a team that bombs. That's about all he deserves.

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