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08-09-2005, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by txomisc
Really because if he just didnt sign the contract, he not only doesnt have to play for Washington, but he doesnt get to play anywhere, yay for him! He's been attempting to help the team win for 8 years, theyve had a few good teams but never got the job done, now you think he should be forced to sit through a rebuilding year? Nah, he has put in plenty of time and has every right to request a trade.
You don't sign the contract and you ask to play eslewhere, it's that simple! It's the ETHICAL way to do it, not that it seems to matter to the new generation of fans.

Imagine you have a company, how would you feel if the guy you just signed to a BIG, FAT, JUICY contract started whining one week later that your company is not good enough?

You don't give MILLIONS of dollars to people without expecting a modicum of decency in return. I'm sorry but your position just doesn't make sense. Only in the rich, spoiled-***** world of pro sports do we see stuff like this.

Furthermore, as I said, the LEAST he could have done is keep it under the cover. Does this guy realize that the FANS in Washington pay his salary? You think it's ok that you, as a fan, could end up paying a guy who has publically said in your face he doesn't want to be there?

If you do, you have serious issues.

If Witt did not want to play for the Caps, he just had to be a man and not sign the ****ing contract. I don't even dream of treating my peers that way and the contracts I have signed are for peanuts compared to this guy.

Maybe you don't value your word and the word of others but I do. You don't sign on the dotted line to treat people like that one week later. It's just classless and a total lack of character.

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