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10-14-2003, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Lil Viking
Thanks for the numbers GoCoyotes, they definately helped me to see what could be accomplished with such a system.
What you'd see in such a system is when players get to be the age of free agents, their original teams will have a better chance of retaining that player as it won't be counted against a cap, and will have some advantage to other teams who have the cap to consider. Of course that doesn't mean that all free agents will resign, but it will even out the playing field amongst teams as teams like the Rangers couldn't as easily outbid everyone every season to get the UFA's. It'd also be a win for the NHLPA because it would not see a hard cap come down on player salaries, as the salaries of home grown talent could grow at any rate. You'd likely see a more modest approach to UFA's, conservative, and maybe paying players more for their loyalty to their teams.

If there was a luxury tax for the teams that violate the cap, it could only help the clubs hurting the most. Perhaps there would be some form of compensation to a team who lost a home grown talent to another team who ended up over the cap. Equal justice.

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