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04-16-2011, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
How does a "disciplinary hearing" go? If they talk to him about it obviously he will lie and make up a reason why it happened and what do they do? Tell him to his face that they're suspending him?
I dunno what lie he could possibly make up...on replay it's pretty obvious that it was an intentional stomp. It's not like he was kicking for the puck and kicked was a straight-up, black and white stomp. Can't imagine he can make up any plausible lie.

But the league hates suspending star players so I'm sure nothing will happen, especially since nobody knows who Blum is and we maddeningly continue to punish the result instead of the action, and Blum wasn't injured that we know of.

So annoying.

IMO if they don't suspend him for at least a game they're asking for things to get out of hand in this series...if the officials don't man up and police the game, then we're gonna have to start doing it ourselves.

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