Thread: Post-Game Talk: Thoughts On Mike Sullivan?
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04-16-2011, 06:36 PM
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i understand the "cant polish a tird" sentiment here but cmon we've seen teams with alot less talent than the rangers at least be able to gain the blue line with control of the puck and at least set up in the zone on a consistant basis which is more thani can say for the rangers. It just seems like torts has them so uptight thinking about the system and cycling, coverage etc that they are being neutered of what makes them offensive players in the first place...creativity. Sure it helps if you have tons of skill on the ice but average players can excel on a power play if they arent overthinking it, assuming they can get through the neutral zone that is.
They need to just let go, screw torts and his system and just play. MOre than anything they need a defenseman who can carry the puck...mccabe skating .02 mph to his blue line while the rest of the team is waiting at the offenseive blue line just isnt cutting it. alot of that is on the coaching, guys standing at the blue line waiting for a dump in is NEVER going to work. Its a shame MDZ's game went to crap, we'd be in much better shape had we still had the rookie version of MDZ. oh well here's to a good offseason.

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