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04-16-2011, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by hatedandproud View Post
Translation - I'm have no idea, but I need to blame someone and everybody else blames klein.
ok how about:
1. he has a bad habit of not stepping into the play when he has the oppurtunity
2. he steps up when he shouldnt
3. Emery was literally laying on his stomach on the ice and Klein had the WHOLE open net and still shot it into Emery's leg pad.
4. he was on ice for at least 3 goals against last night.
5. his man routinely gets behind him.
6. the only reason people dont talk about him much is because he's "cheap"

those are just a few right straight off the top of my head.

Im an idiot sitting in a recliner so I know Im not the most qualified to be critical of professional athletes, but I can understand how people can get down on KK.

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