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04-16-2011, 09:52 PM
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Sens were better but what the Habs are doing, and what happened to the Sens, isn't unusual, just unfortunate (IMO).

When teams are outmatched in talent, which the Habs are, playing a style that totally removes the Bruins advantage will make the games even instead of slanted in the better team's favour. The Bruins go from, say, 60/40 favourites to 50/50 even. This can happen by the worse team playing wreckingball style, causing disjoint plays, or by trapping and making no plays able to develop.

When the Habs are the better team, they maintain their advantage and win, when they are worse, they can make the game more even and win more often than they should versus better teams. They won 17 of their 31 games (55%) against teams with better records and 27 of their 51 games (53%) against teams with worse records (records as of end of season). It might work, but it's boring as hell.

I really hope the Bruins bounce back.

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