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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
You mean the same Sykora the Pens benched in the cup finals? The same guy who was traded by pretty much every team he's played for...

I think Messier knows a thing or two about hockey. Kind of amazing people show him little respect. He played on how many Cup winning teams? How many times did play on a true contender that fell just short? He knows teams need different kinds of players to win.
I respect Messier as a player. But he was particular about the some of his teammates, even if they were important contributors to the team, and never shied away from informing the GM, whether it be Smith or Sather, that these players had to go.

The Zubov one is still frustrating, even though Smith played a major part in running him out of NY as well. Zubov had a bad wrist injury and felt like he needed to get surgery midseason instead of waiting until the season ended, much to the chagrin of Smith, Campbell, Messier and others. After Zubov returned from surgery, the Nordiques illegally contacted Zubov about a potential trade, and he started getting nervous that he would be traded. Messier got pissed at Zubov for being upset.

Zubov was a talented player, but Smith, Messier, and Campbell thought he was soft and traded him away. That's why I say things like Messier needs to be a little more open-minded when it comes to players who are not exactly like him.

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