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Originally Posted by jordan7hm View Post
How is not exiting the first round adequate. How are two seasons of bottom 7 performances adequate. What are your expectations? Are you just happy if Ottawa makes it to the dance? Maybe the problem is that you have low expectations and should raise them. Some people are ok with D-, but myself I prefer to try and get an A.

There have been two types of teams with success since the lockout. The more obvious type is the Pittsburgh / Chicago / Washington model. Tank horribly for year after year and hope to get lucky with draft picks. Oh joy!

The less obvious type is the Detroit model. Ottawa followed the Detroit model for years, in fact Ottawa was one of the more obvious proponents of it. Draft wisely and develop players slowly. Fill in the gaps with good free agent acquisitions and the occasional trade. This isn't necessarily a recipe for a cup win, but as Atlanta, NYI, Florida and St. Louis demonstrate, neither is the tanking strategy. And when this strategy doesn't result in a cup win, it still results in a playoff appearance and a reason for the fans to cheer each and every night.

The team Ottawa brought to the cup finals followed this model exactly, and there is no reason why it could not have continued with better management (and coaching, which at the end of the day is management's responsibility). Drafting with this model is not about fancy names, it's about guys who ply their trade in the minors while learning to be pros, about guys who develop properly overseas or in college and who come to the pros a lot more NHL ready (guys like Regin, Greening, Condra, Gryba, etc). Muckler's picks aren't done yet - 4 years after he's gone. That's what the model we were using banked on. In the meantime we could have continued to sign good mid-tier free agents and make fairly minor trades to shore up the team. It's not like this was an old team the year we went to the finals. They were young and had potential. In the intervening years all of that potential has been dumped as Murray tried to reshape this team to fit his ideal. His ideal sucks though, and that's why the guy has never won a stanley cup.
The thing is that, in recent memory, Detroit is the ONLY example of this model. There are MANY examples of the build a successful team by being terrible theory...and you're going to use Detroit as the model to follow??? If I was a betting man....

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