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Originally Posted by jordan7hm View Post
I was looking at recent comparables trent. I realise that St. Louis had that 25 year appearance streak. I realize that Vancouver has had long streaks of regular season success as well, as have lots of other teams in NHL history. That's all well and good, but I believe we were comparing a current Boston team and I was trying to think of the next closest team right now, not from 15 years ago.

Also not only has Boston not actually lost this series yet (I think they will but you never know), but they did beat Montreal with the core of this team a couple years ago. So not quite the same thing as those Ottawa v Toronto matchups at all.

Vancouver hasn't been this good for that long. And they're better than any Ottawa team except the one that had Hasek in nets. That was the best Ottawa team since the rebirth of the sens. I don't think they're a good comparable either.

San Jose meanwhile has been good but rarely absolutely dominant. They have a lot of guys who put up big numbers in the regular season but dissapear in the playoffs. They have had goaltending question marks (even though never quite as bad as Lalime, Nabakov wasn't exactly a stalwart playoff performer). Some pretty similar issues as Ottawa had. No rivalry like Ottawa v TO though.
What are you even trying to argue here? What is your point? Why are you even a fan of the Sens? St louis streak of playoff failures dont count because it happened before the Sens failures. The Bruins arent at the level of past Ottawa choke jobs. Vancouver is better than any team the Sens have ever had. San Joses goaltending sucks but ours was much worse. Our current team sucks because our GM is a failure. Youre just arguing for the sake of arguing because other than that I don't see any reason why you would be a Sens fan unless your a masochist.

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