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04-17-2011, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
I don't see why the fact that I think our GM is a tool and that our owner maybe a bit of a loose cannon is reason to "GTFO".

I am a fan of the team in spite of the management. Look at what Leafs fans endured during the Ballard years, or putting up with puppets like JFJ or the senile version of Cliff Fletcher.

Look at the Habs that had a merry-go-round of ex players either coaching or managing for years with less than stellar results.

It's my right as a fan to dislike moves that my team makes.
So eat it.
That's great but in one post you talk about how people shouldn't question Gower for his job unless they can do a better job themselves, i guess because you like him. In the next post you yourself question Eugene and BMurray, its ******** how you bounce around from one opinion to another just to suit your mood. Gower sucks at his job, deal with it.

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