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08-09-2005, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
1) Still puts up about a point a game.
2) Plays with more heart then pretty much anyone. (playing in Toronto is only going to make him play even harder)
3) Cheap
4) Great Locker room guy (dont know about his past but I do know Rangers always had good things to say about the guy off ice)
5) Great Leader

That answer your question?
Eric Lindros is a great leader?? Where were those leadership qualities in Nagano when he disappeared in the semis? Where was his leadership qualities when the Flyers got sweeped by the wings during the finals?? How many rings does the big E have to justify that he is a great leader??
From what i've heard from the time he was in philly, he treated some teamates very badly (ie: Mark Recchi).

My personal opinion, I don't think this guy has it anymore, too many concussions, he can't play the physical game anymore and that's what made him a good player when he first started in the NHL. Conclusively, the Big E is damaged goods.

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