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04-17-2011, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
As much as I like Bob, tonight wasn't very good on his part. On the one goal, he has to find his way to the post and hug it. He kept just trying to kick the pad out and hold his ground, but that's not the way to play that situation.

On the high glove snipe, it was a play that shouldn't happen but he has to learn to keep his ****ing glove up. I've been saying it for ages now that he can't keep turning the arm up and trying to get his C/A on it. It doesn't work.

Boosh played VERY well coming on in relief, so at this point, if I were to guess, I'd say he's getting the nod in game 3 and it's his series to lose.
He didn't have a chance to move on the shot from that close in anyway. So if the shooter got the puck around him and on net, it was a goal. In that situation I don't mind the glove low to force the shooter to lift it. That said, he was too low and deep. You can't have guys going over your shoulder to hit the middle of the shelf. That's just too much room to give.

I don't give Boosh enough love, mostly because he's technically ugly. It's kind of hideous to watch him play at times...but the puck hits him. He did a nice job yesterday.

Originally Posted by mja View Post
He played it about as bad as you can play it, short of vacating the crease for one of the corners.
It sucks that he misplayed it, but as others have said, his was the last in a series of mistakes by the team. That's the risk of playing a young goalie IMO. He has the ability to make saves that Boosh can never make, but the young guys usually suffer from inconsistent execution.

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