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04-17-2011, 12:43 PM
Zuccarello Awesome*
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RangerBoy, you're 100% spot-on. We need to punish their top players. Staal and Girardi need to remember that hitting hard and often is allowed. They're focusing too much on just containing Ovechkin and Semin and Backstrom. You need to punish them. I understand they're overworked and playing tons of hard minutes, but there's no time or place for excuses this time of year. They have been good, but they simply need to be better and put more of a stamp on the game. Be an impact player, Marc. I know you have it in you. Especially if Ovechkin is going to have his hands up and leave his feet for every single hit he throws. If that's not being called, then do the same to him. We'll probably get called for it, though, as the refs in this league are absolute jokes. Consistency is a foreign language to almost all of them, and there's no consistency at ALL from ref to ref / game to game. McDonagh gets a roughing penalty for a child-like shove on Bradley who does a somersault, yet Ovechkin is free to charge and leave his feet with every single hit, and hit players high, finishing with his hands up every chance he gets. I'd rather take my chances shorthanded for 2 minutes than let Ovechkin continue to run around and do whatever he wants for another two games. It needs to be stopped, one way or another.

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