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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
Welcome to the playoffs. Carlyle has won a cup so he knows that the Preds are a smaller team and that is the way he is going to have to win. It's a battle of wills. For all the haters for SOB then where would we be without him. They would be trying to beat up Weber and that would take it's toll. The series is in our hands now if we take care of home ice
Without SOB we could have a 2 game lead... and they are trying to beat up Weber. They're trying to beat up everyone. Erat lost four teeth. Blum took a skate blade to the top of his foot, though luckily he wasn't hurt. SK has been boarded and otherwise beaten up. Hornqvist is taking the exact same kind of crap he always takes. Pekka took a rack from Perry. Smithson got mugged by Parros. Sorry but I'm not on the SOB bandwagon anymore, and I don't plan on getting back on. Sure we need a player like him, but the guy is an idiot. It just sucks that he's one of the only true tough guys we have.

Whether or not Carlyle watched the Preds v Sharks series, I doubt it would change anything. The guy's teams always play like this. They open up physical, and then they end up being goons. It's what they are good at. It is absolutely correct that we cannot fall into that trap.

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