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08-09-2005, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Sleestak
Well that was pure genius, right along with your other well thought out posts. Wake me up when the Kings do something to cheer about. Until then I will reserve my positive posts when the Kings actually do something positive.
i thought it was pretty funny, personally.

seriously, what would you like the kings' management to do? click their heels together and say "there's no one like palffy" a few times? and as for this stuff about the kings getting serious about winning the cup or doing this or that, don't get ahead of yourself. they need to start making the playoffs before they start realistically "going for the cup." otherwise, they'll just be making wild, desperate moves that won't get them anywhere. and don't take this as negativity--the last few years were injurious debacles, but, contrary to many other posters around then and now, i don't feel that it was murray's fault, taylor's fault, the popcorn guy's fault, or yo mamma's fault. rather, i think that taylor went out and built a very respectable team at low cost, but the price was susecptability to injury for our top players. it was a calculated risk that worked well at times but ended up not working the last two years. such is life. i think that management has done their best over the last five or six years (however long its been since taylor came in, i guess). overall, i'm happy with the progress that the team has made, and i'm fairly happy with the team we have going into this season. we are neither powerhouses nor cup contenders, but what could one do? its very easy for fans to sit around and say "why aren't we serious about winning?" but for a gm and coach, the matter is entirely more complicated. to them, it is a constellation of decisions that must be made day in and day out about whom to sign, whom not to, what an acceptable price is for someone, etc. the best they can do is try to make decisions that in the aggregate make the team better, give the team flexibility, or more room for growth. i am satisfied that management has done that.

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