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10-14-2003, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ebn
I agree with you that Lundmark is not the player that Comrie is. However Lundmark makes less than Comrie. If you guys want the same player that Comrie is that player has to fit in your salary structure. Where are you going to find a player of Comrie stature and makes less money than Comrie wants.

Lundmark is a great prospect. put him with a second rounder and you get equal value meaning one day Lundmark and the second pick will be part of the Oilers. However if you can't pay Comrie how are you going to get equal value player that makes less than him is beyond be.
First off, Lundmark is not a great prospect, he's average, much like many other prospects in the NHL. He has to show something soon or else he'll be considered a bust. As someone already stated, Comrie has already established himself as a top forward in the league and is basically the same age. Obviously he makes more, he's established himself. If Lundmark was to start putting up some numbers he would be making more too. I hate that argument. "He makes less". Obviously he does, he hasn't proven anything. All these players that are currently signed cheap (ie. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc.) will be making alot more money once they have to resign.

Lundmark and a 2nd rounder is not equal value to Comrie. That's is plain as I can put it. It will take a better offer to get Comrie out of Edmonton.

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