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#7 Ted Lindsay,LW
When Terrible ted retired he was 3rd all time point getter in the NHL with 851 points behind only Gordie Howe 1361 and Maurice Richard 965.

He was also the third highest goal scorer with 379 behind only The Rocket 544 and Mr Hockey 595.

Lindsay's is the only player to have led the league in goals, assists, points and penalty minutes.

Terrible ted was a leader,swift skater,a good checker, skilled with the puck, very feisty tenacious with a great all round game.

Ultra talented cheap shot artist or old school, hard hockey superstar.

More than just a cheap-shot artist, he was playing in the same league as everybody else in his day. If he was the only one who thought to play dirty, then congratulate him for being a genius in a league of idiots. But we're talking about a guy who won an Art Ross trophy by 10 clear points over his more-famous linemate and finished top 10 a bunch of times. Lindsay used intimidation to great effect, but he fought quite a bit too, and backed it all up with scoring.

Many of us modern hockey fans (who have never seen Lindsay play) will hear his name and imagine a star player who was tough as nails, and maybe threw a few questionable checks in his day, but generally just an old school, hard hockey legend.

The truth is he was a really, really dirty hockey player. He was directly responsible for the NHL's introduction of elbowing and kneeing penalties. Kneeing players. He was kneeing players so often and so maliciously that the league deemed it necessary to create a rule against it. He received over 400 stitches to his face during his career. He earned the nicknames Terrible Ted and Scarface.

He is an all-time great that stopped at nothing to win the game. Kind of like another version of the Rocket. It is no coincidence that the Wings never won another Cup without Terrible Ted. You can't replace his heart. Yes he delivered some cheap shots. I think he would still be loved in todays NHL.

Interesting enough back in 1954 Lindsay started a new tradition as he was the first player to hoist the cup over his head and do a victory lap around the ice.

He was an intelligent player on and off the ice.

Lindsay was definitely an old school, hardboiled hockey superstar. I think of him as a much more talented Bobby Clarke type but who did not need the rest of the roster to finish what he started. His leadership extended beyond the ice too.

Was there a more unlikely fellow to rally the other NHLers in an attempt to get a better deal for all? Ted Lindsay, one of the league's superstars and best-paid players and also a successful businessman in his off-hours, did not stand to gain personally in any way from the proposed association. Many of today's players could use a little of his Lindsay's integrity

Boldly Lindsay tried to start a players union to end the owners dictatorship over the players. To stop the injustice to keep the merely good players from being taken advantage off any longer. However the owners were able to squash the union Lindsay and the other trouble makers were banished to Chicago as punishment.

Seasons 17
Era 1Mid 1940's to mid 1960's
RS 1068 379 472 851 1808
PO 133 47 49 96 194
NHL 1st All-Star Team 9 Times
All Star Games 10
Top 10 Goals 1946-47 (6)1947-48 (1)1948-49 (2)49-50 (9) 1950-51(6) 1951-52 (3)1952-53 (2)1953-54 (5)55-56 (6) 56-57(6)
All Time Goal Leaders NHL Career (97) 379
Top 10 Points 1947-48 NHL (9)1948-49 (3) 1949-50 (1)1950-51 (7)
1951-52 (2)1952-53 (2)1953-54 (3)1956-57 (2)
Stanley Cup 4
HOF 1970
Top 100 The hockey News (Late 1990's)21
Role Leader /Stud Forward

#27 Scott Niedermayer, D

He is the only player to have ever won at every level of hockey that he has played in. He is a great skater who moves effortlessly about on the ice. He has remarkable accuracy when making a pass. He has an above avg Hockey IQ and always makes the best offensive play when called upon. He has great offensive instincts within the team first concept. Scott was a great leader on and off the ice. He is a master at eluding the forecheck while launching a counter attack.
Originally Posted by The Sabre View Post
Scott Niedermayer is the only player in hockey history to have won a Stanley Cup, Olympic gold medal, World Championship, World Cup, Memorial Cup and World Junior title. He's the only player in hockey history to have won four Stanley Cups and two gold medals. He also has a Norris trophy and Conn Smythe trophy. He was a winner.

Niedermayer often looked like a defenseman with unparalleled skating ability, and he made it look effortless. That carried over to the power play, where Niedermayer's command on the point was glorious: That smooth skating and puck control near the blue line; the way he'd sail against the current while the other players prepared for either a pass or a shot. His influence can be seen in the way players like Mike Green(notes) help run the power play. He didn't reinvent the wheel; he just showed how smoothly it could ride.

He's an elite, legend-for-his-era defenseman; what would his stats have looked like in a different era? Could he have reached Coffey-like numbers in a more freewheeling era on a more freewheeling team like the Oilers? The Devils of the Dead Puck era was no place to rack up blueline numbers, not in Lou's house.

Untapped potential aside, Niedermayer was also an essential part of one of the best defensive teams of the last 20 years. And he's most fondly remembered for his goal as a 21-year-old in Game 2 of the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings, Niedermayer helped the team on its way to a sweep with a calling-card tally on a brilliant end-to-end rush.

Truly, an all-time great.
Era Early 1990's - till early 2010's
Stanley Cup 4
HOF not yet
22nd all time scoring d-man with 784 pts
All Star Games 1998,2001, 2004, 2008, 2009
All-Rookie Team (1st)1992-93
All-Star Team (2nd)1997-98
1ST All-Star Team 2003-04 2005-06 2006-07
James Norris Memorial Trophy 2003-04
Conn Smythe Trophy 2006-07
RS 1263 172 568 740 245 167 784
PO 202 25 73 98 20 155
Role: All round Franchise dman

#3 Dion Phaneuf, D
Has a quite greatness about him that lets other player know that he is one of the elite d-man playing today.
Phaneuf hits everything that moves. Owns a big shot from the point and isn't shy about unleashing it. Displays all-around ability. Is the total physical package. Owns impressive lateral movement and power-play quarterbacking skills.Can be a little too exuberant player who is one of the best offensive, big-minute defenseman in the NHL. Dion is a leader who plays with a physical edge. Plays like a seasoned veteran. Clears the front of the net well and can fight when needed.
Seasons 6
Era-Mid 2000's -Present
RS 466 85 183 268 642 + 15
PO 25 5 7 12 2
Best Season 2007-08 82 17 43 60 182 12
Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs
NHL All-Rookie Team (2006)
NHL First All-Star Team (2008)
Played in NHL All-Star Game (2007, 2008)
Role Franchise defenceman

Hockey's Top 1100 Players of All Time ATD Draft!!!
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