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04-17-2011, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by jmiller010 View Post can point things out all day that you think the league has done right and wrong in the past, and it still doesn't make this offense by Ryan any more justifiable.

Most plays that cause concussions can at least be considered "hockey plays" or "checking" in a sense. Often times, concussions are just the result of hits gone wrong...

Stepping on a guys skate is never right, and there's never any sort of argument for why it should or should not be considered a dirty play, unlike plays that lead to concussions...

I'm sure it's something Bobby regretted instantly, and is something he'll learn from.
I think he's more pointing out the fact that when suspendable things happen against the ducks it goes unnoticed but if it's a duck player doing it everyone tweets about it and all the fan boys come out and cry about how dirty the ducks are.

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