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Originally Posted by Iplayhockehh View Post
Any reason why?

It'll work the hell out of you and you'll bulk up, but its not hockey geared training.

As for general rules. Do as much weight as you can for 10 reps. Typically 5 reps isn't gonna do anything worthwhile for someone who isn't hardcore. Keep it to 10 to 15 for the best burn. Also make sure to rest between sets. Big muscles typically means more strength, but often you get bigger muscles by working out then lose a lot of body fat to make the muscles stand out more. Personally I think thats useless for a hockey player because you want the extra weight to throw around. (I'm assuming that since you want to train for hockey your playing quite competitively).

Some of the excersises I like to do are, the dot drill (you can youtube it to explain it), plyometric stuff (

These drills work on strength and speed. The benefit of plyometric training is it works on building your muscles but also gets your heart rate up to help get that little bit leaner. If your looking to work out everyday make sure you are alternating upper body work outs with lower body work outs or throwing in some cardio days in between.

I'd also recommend a fun exercise or two a week. Going to the gym every day gets a bit boring (at least for me). Mix it up by playing some sports with friends as your cardio training. Or volunteer to do some hard yard work or something. Nothing works the core like throwing around a whole bunch of gravel with a shovel.

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