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With the 854th pick in ATD2011, The Regina Pats are pleased to select:

Andre Boudrias, LW/C

- 5'8", 165 lbs
- Stanley Cup Finalist (1970)
- Avco Cup (1978)
- Avco Cup Finalist (1977)
- Top-22 in Assists 4 Times (5th, 8th, 20th, 22nd)
- Top-26 in Points 4 Times (19th, 20th, 22nd, 26th)
- Career Adjusted +58

Originally Posted by
Left-winger Andre Boudrias was only 5'8" but used his speed and accurate passing skills to elude checks and keep the opposition off balance. He played nearly 700 career games with five different teams in a solid career.

The Montreal native starred with the Junior Canadiens and led the OHA in scoring in 1962 and 1964. He spent the majority of his first four pro seasons in the minors since the Canadiens were so deep at forward. Expansion gave Boudrias a chance to shine after he was acquired by the Minnesota North Stars. He scored 53 points in 1967-68 then provided solid defensive play for the Stars, Chicago Black Hawks, and St. Louis Blues over the next two seasons.

The talented winger took on a great deal of offensive responsibility with the expansion Vancouver Canucks in 1970-71. Boudrias topped the 60-point mark in each of his first five years with the club before taking on a more defensive role and serving as the club's captain in 1975-76. He then added offensive savvy and leadership on the WHA's Quebec Nordiques before retiring in 1978.
Originally Posted by Players: The Ultimate A-Z Guide Of Everyone Who Has Ever Played in the NHL
Like so many Montrealers growing up, little Andre Boudrias had a dream of playing for the Habs. And, like so many, his dream was clouded by the deep pool of talent available to the team in those days... as a result, he was traded to Minnesota and then Vancouver, where he defined his career as a scorer and leader...
Originally Posted by Canucks Legends
They affectionately labelled him "Super Pest", but Andre Boudrias provided the Canucks with much more than stellar forehecking during his half-dozen years with the fledgling club. Boudrias was the first consistent offensive star for the Canucks, managing five straight seasons of 60 points or better and continually supplying his linemates with quality scoring chances.

The slick centreman was best known for his whirlwind style of play in the opponents' zone, where he moved around like a buzz saw, breaking up plays and turning them into offensive forays for Vancouver. He also managed to work his way effectively under the skin of those he played against. "I guess I got that nickname because I was tenacious checking for the puck," Boudrias says more than 30 years later. "The forechecking part of the game was more important to me. And I always wanted to give a little more on the ice to make sure the paying customers had fun."

The fans appreciated his effort in those early days. A diminutive man by today's hockey standards, Boudrias was one of the most popular canucks. "The fans were in love with me, for some reason," he says. His linemates liked him, too. Whoever skated with Boudias seemed to light it up. ******* ******** scored a career high 34 goals playing with Boudrias in 1970-71, Bobby Schmautz had 38 as his linemate in 1972-73 and Don Lever matched that total in 1974-75.

"Boud was a pest. He was a little ****-disturber," Schmautz recalls, fondly. "All the guys would run after him. I don't know how many times I had to fight that Hextall because he'd drive Hextall crazy, and I'd jump in, and Hextall and I used to go just about every time we played. He'd get on guys' nerves, I guess. I really don't know why, but they'd seem to go after him. When I played with him, I didn't think that was right so I'd step in."

Although he started on the fourth line, Boudrias was eventually teamed with ******** and **** ****** and he finished the year as the team's leading scorer... Boudrias was durable, skilled at finding his linemates at the right time, and a decent skater. He was also an outstanding penalty killer. In fact, he even scored a goal against Chicago's Tony Esposito when the Canucks were two men short.

The pinnacle of his career came in 19740-75, when he piled up 62 assists and 78 points. That winter his linemates were Don Lever and ****** ***********, and they both enjoyed banner seasons. "Boudy was just a really smart player, you know," Lever says. "He didn't have a lot of speed, but he could really pass the puck. He could see the ice, he had good vision." "Boudrias was good in the corners," adds ***********, who would never find another center with whom he worked so well. "He was just a little pest. It was hard to take the puck off him, and he allowed you time to get in position for a good scoring chance."

After a stint as team captain in 1975-76, he opted to leave Vancouver when the WHA's Winnipeg Jets came calling. The move was a good one, as he won the Avco cup with Quebec in 1978.
Originally Posted by The Vancouver Canucks Story
Boudrias scored a beautiful goal in the third period when we were two men short. He skated right through Hull and Mikita to do it, but would you believe that was our only shot on goal in the period?
Originally Posted by the vancouver Canucks Story
Boudrias is short and broad, a deliberate eel-like skater, a bit of an introvert... ******** was the more momentarily spectacular, Boudrias the more consistent.

Primarily, Boudrias was assigned checking duties. When he was checking Phil Esposito in the slot, Boudrias often looked like a small logger trying to topple a douglas fir with an axe. But Boudrias checked so dilligently that Coliseum fans nicknamed him Super Pest... He is a fine passer, who seldom wastes the puck, he doesn't intimidate and he likely would have scored 30 goals each season had it not been for an unfortunate proclivity for shooting high when eyeball to eyeball with opposing goalies... He carries himself like a veteran on the ice and off...

Boudrias wiggled his way into the hearts of vancouver fans like a tongue-wagging puppy in that first season. They liked the way he mixed it with players a neck and head taller.

There is a fine story about the defensive hanuting that the Pest hung on Boston's scoring leader, Esposito. As the story goes, the Bruins remained in town for a couple of days after a game against the Canucks. Some went fisihing in Howe Sound. It is said that, after trolling around without success for two hours, Esposito stared sourly down to the water and said, "I know what's wrong. That little b*st*rd Boudrias is down there, checking my bait."
It is well-known that Jacques Plante stoned the Russians with the Junior Canadiens for a 2-1 win, but did you know who made the play that won the game?

Originally Posted by Jacques Plante: The Man Who changed the face Of Hockey
The conclusion to this anxious drama came with only 20 seconds remaining on the clock. Andre Boudrias checked a Russian defenseman inside his own blueline, jarring the puck loose and onto the stick of **** ******, who quickly laid the puck on the stick of **** ******, who backhanded it into the back of the Russian net. The final score was 2-1.
Originally Posted by 1971 Hockey Annual
Boudrias kept the Canucks respectable last year. He is a tireless skater, and an expert puck ragger and penalty killer.
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1972
Likes to buzz after the puck and is one of the best forecheckers in the business... Not a muscle man, but give him a pair of decent-sized linemates, and he'll score...
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1973
Has a buzz-saw style that led to his being nicknamed "Super Pest"... shortly after that, local radio station came out with "The Super Pest Song" and it became a regular part of warmup music... lack of size has never prevented him from being a good scorer... good forechecker and opportunist around the net.
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1974
Small but elusive center who has tricky moves, a deceptive shot and good checking ability... An opportunist who turns numerous rebounds, steals, and loose pucks into goals at scrambles around the crease
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1975
An effective checker despite his size... Says Phil Esposito: "They always put Super Pest on me and I hate him. He hangs all over me and just plain gets in the way."
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1976
Superb checker for his size, drives Phil Esposito to distraction.
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1977
Durable for his size: Prior to last season, missed two games in five years.
Originally Posted by The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1978
Signed by Quebec as sound insurance, and wisely so... a good team man, as the Nordiques discovered... centered the #1 line for 9 playoff games when Chris Bordeleau was injured.
Career Assists Per game leaders, LW, minimum 250 assists

4Anton Stastny0.598
8Alex Tanguay0.564,9,17
17Andre Boudrias0.515,8,20
18Dennis Hextall0.513, 11, 15
20Ray Whitney0.5110, 12
27Steve Vickers0.49NIL
34John Ogrodnick0.46NIL
40Eric Vail0.4420
41Gerard Gallant0.44NIL

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