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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post

What I find a bit peculiar is that none of the Bruins give any type of credit to the Habs.
It seems that they feel they are committing a bunch of unforced errors which cost them those two games.

When you fail to even acknowledge good things from your opponents then how will you go about countering the problems?
PO hockey is all about adaptation. How do you respond and adapt to your opponent. If the Bruins can't even admit give an ounce of credit to their opponent, then how can they possibly adapt accordingly?

If I were a Bruins fan, I'd want to hear the coach say ''we have to credit Mtl, they have played a great shutdown game. We can cycle the puck in their zone for 5min, if they block all the shooting/passing lanes and limit our shots from the outside, then we won't score much.''

I just don't feel like the Bruins respect us, at all. They feel they've played well and made some unforced errors that caused them those two games. If they truly feel as so, I'm fully confident they will lose this series. If they can't make the proper adjustments for tomorrow, I don't even think they will win tomorrow.
Haha "played well" and "unforced errors" shouldn't even be said in the same sentence. It's like a walking contradiction. I can't believe how silly that sounds hearing it as a habs fan, if I were a Bruins fan I'd be furious that people are making this type of excuse.

Unforced error's is the definition of playing badly.

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