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04-18-2011, 08:39 AM
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When did the food turn "aweful"? Last time I ate their 4 years ago, it was ok. All fish-n-chips is "aweful" in the midwest to be honest. Not that I eat fish-n-chips anymore. Based on the fact I just saw Bar Louie come up as "way better", that's a pretty low bar.

For the normal chain crap that central ohio loves to feed us, it was a lot better the TGI fridays and all that other crap. It's not like our area is renowned for good local cooking. That family style Italian place down there isn't very good, even if it's edible. There's a couple of "good" places around here, but for the most part central ohio is a barren wasteland for good restaurants (or a food desert as a certain first lady likes to call it). Heck even Skyline has even degraded from their modest bar they set for bad chili on spaghetti that somehow tasted decent when it came out for $6.

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