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Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
Don't agree, at all, with your evaluation of Columbus as a food town. There are a number of first class places to get all kinds of ethnic food, as well as quite a few top-shelf, high end joints. Chains are crap, wherever you go. Skyline "tasted decent?" Sorry, you're disqualified from any further dining criticism!
I did mention it was a low bar. I guess you missed that part. Having said that, Skyline has been a favorite of people in the technical field from the early 1990's. It's no where near as good as it was in the late 90's or early 00's. It is what it is. I wasn't using it as some shining example of good food, which was quite obvious when I said it.

Having said that, what "ethnic" places are you referring to? The Indian restaurants have went down hill over the last 10 years. That little Korean place on Bethel is ok. Despite it's reputation, I've never been impressed by Schmidt's (however you spell it. I eat at Yanni's and Anna's on a regular basis and they are supposed to be the better Greek restaurants in Columbus. I'm not impressed. You gonna tell me that Old Bag is "good"? There used to be a little Italian place over by Rickenbacker (however you spell it), that had homemade noodles that was ok. But I'd be surprised that if it's there, it's still decent.

The East Coast destroys us on Italian and Seafood. Not even close.

I eat a very large range of food from different parts of the world. I haven't tasted a good Chinese restaurant in Columbus in years.

Step it up and tell me what these places, I would love to know. I would love to get good food in Columbus. That place that I think RJ (it was a Jacket) loves is crap, that Italian place (there is one on Polaris).

Seriously if there are hidden gems, let me know. The snide crap on Skyline doesn't prove your point on anything. It's better then most of the other fast food out there. I only go there for a salad now, when I don't have time to head over to Kroger or Whole Foods for a salad.

Abalo's (spelling) over at East wasn't terrible Mexican, although good Mexican in Columbus isn't easy to find. I've been eating crappy Mexican for years with friends. Got spoiled with some stuff down in Texas about 10 years back.

At least our food is better then what's in London. I've found that people settle for average food in Columbus and call it good because it's better then the bland crap they make at home.

Please I'm begging you. Let me know where these places are. My own family thinks the fish-n-chips at the movie tavern is good, for goodness sakes.

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